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    Orange Army
    Posted 04-18-2019 16:38

    Hi Folks,


    NEHA has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Water, Food and Environmental Health Services Branch to establish a network focused on private drinking water systems. EHSB and NEHA are currently identifying the diverse skillsets, experience, and capacity needed to fully represent the partners and collaborators across the nation that must interact to keep drinking water safe for ~34 million US residents that are not protected by the Safe Drinking Water Act (NGWA, 2016). We are working with stakeholders from throughout the private drinking water spectrum to define the vision, mission, structure, and goals for an inclusive national network.  We are currently focusing on identifying available resources (training, links for partnerships and coalitions, and research) and developing new ones that will serve network members. Our vision for the network is to serve as a forum to disseminate prioritized resources and provide a collaborative work space to create new ones.


    Private Well Course

    Safe Water Program Improvement e-Learning Series (SWPI)



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